We were looking for an apartment and it was such a pleasure to work with Wolsen Real Estate. Everything was done quickly and professionally and we were given a couple of useful recommendations. Overall, everything went well. I definitely recommend their cooperation!

Andrii K.

I had a wonderful experience with Wolsen Real Estate company that assisted me in purchasing my apartment in Downtown. I was looking a unit for an investments. They were well-coordinated in negotiating a favorable deal. The team was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, providing valuable guidance and support sending me the videos of the apartment (I was out of Miami). I am truly grateful for their dedication and time, and I can recommend Wolsen Real Estate as a reliable and active team.


Wolsen Real Estate team helped me with the purchase 1 db apartment in Downtown Miami. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing that time as the price started going up, however that was very profitable deal. The prices for the same apartment are much higher as of now. I am really glad that the team helped me to chose the right building.


I am happy to share my experience with Wolsen Real Estate company that facilitated the seamless purchase of the apartment in Miami, despite my absence in the city. Being located in New York, I relied heavily on their capable agents who worked well to close this deal. Their expertise and professionalism ensured a smooth transaction, and I was impressed by their ability to handle every aspect of the process without my physical presence. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking outstanding service and expertise in the luxury real estate market.

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